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The target to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous school attendance is not on track. Attendance rates for Indigenous students have not improved between 2014 and 2018 (around 82% in 2018), and remain below the rate for non-Indigenous students (around 93%). The gap in school attendance is evident from when children start school. During primary school the attendance gap was around 8 percentage points in 2018. Attendance falls when students reach secondary school - particularly. Closing the gap in educational achievement for children and young people living in poverty 4 Senior decision-makers play a key role in improving teaching strategies, by providing extensive professional development in evidence-based programmes and practices. • As the direct contact point with pupils in schools, education staff are the ke To begin to tackle the challenge of the attainment gap requires us first to understand it - both the scale and nature of the gap, as well as the factors most likely to help close it. The EEF has published a report - The Attainment Gap - which assesses the gap through the lens, first, of children and young people; and secondly, of schools, as well as early years and post-16 settings It's a persistent and troubling problem: the gap between white students and students of color in academic achievement. There are many theories about how to resolve these disparities, from..

There is a deficit in Indigenous health education and Indigenous health placements, both of which are crucial to 'Closing the Gap'. I could go into detail here to quantify the gap - differences in life expectancy, poor educational attainment, poor living conditions and high rates of lifestyle-associated disease such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, substance abuse and childhood. The temporary closure of thousands of schools has disrupted more than day-to-day education. Schools served as a safety net for many students; they acted as a gateway to hot meals, special education services, therapy, high-speed internet access and more Welner says closing the gap is more about supporting and challenging students on a personal level than forcing a stringent, systemic approach. In other words, it's about enrichment and fueling the desire to learn. We can build on children's strengths by supporting them and challenging them to excel. The good news is that closing the opportunity gap doesn't require a magical quick fix; the bad news is that to do it we need to stop grasping at those magical quick fixes.

Close the gap: 3 quick facts about Indigenous education The Closing the Gap 2019 report tabled in Federal parliament on 14 February outlines targets that have been met and those which have not been met across a range of areas relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people Closing the Gaps Domain. Texas Education Agency | Performance Reporting. 5. A copy of this presentation is available at . https://tea.texas.gov/A-F/ Slido.com: #TEADOMAIN3. Design of the Closing the Gaps Domain. Design of the Closing the Gaps Domain Slido.com: #TEADOMAIN3. Texas Education Agency | Performance Reporting . 7. Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Requires the implementation of. Equity gaps refer to disparities in educational outcomes and student success metrics across race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, physical or mental abilities, and other demographic traits and intersectionalities. These gaps often signal that current practices and procedures are not effectively supporting all student groups In May 2014, the Government committed to closing the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous school attendance by 2018. Evidence shows that around 20 per cent of the gap in school performance between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous 15 year-old students is explained by lower school attendance (Biddle 2014). There is a range of factors that affect school attendance, including overcrowded housing, student health, schools' cultural. Closing the Education Gap Google.org is supporting innovative education nonprofits with a $50 million global initiative In 2000, the UN's Millennium Development Goals identified one of the biggest challenges to education as simply getting students into classrooms. Back then, nearly one in five children didn't attend school

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Closing the gap in education is intrinsically linked to multiple aspects of socioeconomic disadvantage, including access to quality health, employment, incarceration rates and housing. These.. Trends in Educational Attainment and Disadvantage In this report, the Education Policy Institute has examined the progress made in closing the gap in attainment between disadvantaged pupils and their peers. The analysis considers how that gap varies across the country and how it has changed since 2007. You can download the report here 'Closing the gap in educational attainment between social groups has been widely acknowledged as a pressing concern of national importance' Introduction Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela grew up in a country divided by apartheid. A black man in a country where a white minority ruled, he had a vision for South Africa; to be one. Closing The Attainment Gap In SEND Education - Engage Education 16th September 2020 Closing The Attainment Gap In SEND Education The attainment gap in both SEND and mainstream education between economically disadvantaged children and their peers is an education-wide issue that teachers and school leaders have been working on for years Closing the gap on Indigenous education must start with commitment and respect February 11, 2018 2.12pm EST. Peter Buckskin, University of South Australia. Author. Peter Buckskin Dean, Aboriginal.

A final note: Why we must close the achievement gap. As I mentioned earlier, closing the achievement gap would both make us competitive globally and stimulate the economy. But perhaps the biggest way to illustrate why we need to close the achievement gap is to show what is happening now. Right now, poor students see less funding in 23 states School administrators such as principals and superintendents are in a unique position to work on closing the achievement gap at the local level. The following strategies can help these education professionals make a positive difference in the groups that struggle to find achievement equality in their districts Interestingly, ten developing countries closed the gender gap in education earlier than the United States.10In countries where the gap was closed in the 1950s, two generations have already experienced gender equality in years of schooling, while in those countries where the gap was closed in the 1970s, only one generation has experienced such equality Scottish Attainment Challenge The Scottish Attainment Challenge is about achieving equity in education. This can be achieved by ensuring every child has the same opportunity to succeed, with a particular focus on closing the poverty-related attainment gap. The Scottish Attainment Challenge was launched by the First Minister in February 2015

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The first Closing the Gap framework outlined targets to reduce inequality in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's life expectancy, children's mortality, education and employment. The commitment focused on delivering policies and programs across fundamental 'building blocks' as priority areas, which would underpin improvement. These were: early childhood, schooling, health, economic. Movement toward closing the gap in global education is signified by the fact that not a single country in the world today is completely without a schooling system. Today's economy is knowledge-based and highly competitive. Schools in developed nations are entrusted with students who lack neither skills nor talents, but educational opportunities

Primary Education: Closing the gap; Secondary Education: Lost Futures; Tertiary Education: Out of reach; Call to action; Final word by Gordon Brown, UN Special Envoy for Global Education ; Download report; EN. ES; FR; Select Page. CHAPTER 1: PRIMARY EDUCATION. CLOSING THE GAP. A young Burundian refugee learns Kirundi at Jugudi primary school in Nyarugusu refugee camp, Tanzania. There are only. To engage state legislators interested in closing the opportunity gap for all young students, NCSL is embarking on a two-year grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to tackle issues in early childhood education (preschool through third grade). Central policy issues that will be studied include access to high-quality preschool, teacher effectiveness, school resource allocation, school climate and improvement strategies, and achievement (both progress and proficiency). The project will look at. Movement toward closing the gap in global education is signified by the fact that not a single country in the world today is completely without a schooling system. Today's economy is knowledge-based and highly competitive. Schools in developed nations are entrusted with students who lack neither skills nor talents, but educational opportunities As we all respond to a new environment in Education, the goal remains the same, with student achievement paramount. Thank you for sharing your insight into how schools can close the learning gap by identifying students' needs early on, so misconceptions don't take years to rectify years of academic regression

Watch: How to close the Covid-19 learning gap. Research suggests learning gaps will be inevitable when schools return. Mark Enser has some ideas on how that should be addressed. Mark Enser 12th May 2020 at 3:03pm. Share this. Tes columnist and teacher Mark Enser explains how to identify pupils who have fallen behind in their learning during the Covid-19 pandemic, how to ascertain what those. Costs and Benefits of Closing the Educational Attainment Gap for Blacks and Hispanics. Estimated Relationships Between Educational Attainment and Spending on Social Programs. Savings in Program Expenditures and Increases in Tax Revenues and Disposable Income Associated with Increased Educational Attainment

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  1. Closing the Gap Toolkit: Version: 1.1 Closing the Gap 'Narrowing' or 'closing' the gap is well established in the vocabulary of education policy and practice in the UK. There is little, if any disagreement that we need to do everything we can to compensate for the disadvantage that limits the life chances of so many young people. The pupil premium has been a considerable help during.
  2. ic Giroux August 1, 2012 . Share . I have often been struck by the wisdom of young children. I asked my five-year-old daughter and my eight-year.
  3. Home > Educator Resources > Gap Closing Gap Closing Resources. Gap Closing resources are designed for students who need additional support in mathematics. For each topic in the resource, there is a diagnostic and a set of intervention materials. Diagnostics are designed to uncover the typical problems students have with a specific topic
  4. How Canada Is Closing the Achievement Gap (Education Everywhere Series) In Ontario, schools have raised their test scores and graduation rates by providing resources such as full-time student success teachers, who help English-language learners and other students in need. April 18, 2012. View transcript. close modal
  5. But, closing gender gaps in educational attainment does not close the gap in labor force participation. Figure 7: Gender equality in education versus labor force participation. Source: Jakiela and Ozier, 2019. Labor force participation is an important marker of women's participation in economic life. We know it is constrained by social norms, insecurity, a lack of access to capital, a lack of.
  6. Close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous school attendance within five years (by 2018). Key points Recognising the critical importance of school attendance, both government and non-government education authorities will continue to work with communities and families to encourage and support children going to school regularly
  7. istration Commons This Dissertation - Public Access is brought to you for free and open access by.

The first represents the cost to states and districts if they acted swiftly to close the gap within one year. The second represents the costs to localities if they scale up and phase in spending over five years to close the gap (the map below). Click to Interact. Download Data Download; Our model is designed to add concrete data and evidence to ongoing public debates on education spending and. Closing the gap: Advancing girls' education in contexts of crisis and conflict Format Analysis Source. INEE; Posted 11 Jun 2021 Originally published 11 May 2021 Origin View original. Attachments. This research was not commissioned by Education Scotland and the findings, recommendations and conclusions do not necessarily reflect the views of Education Scotland. Full reference. Ellis, S. and Sosu, E. (2014). Closing the Attainment Gap in Scottish Education. York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Link(s) to full research articl

The benefits of closing educational achievement gaps amount to much more than just increased GDP and tax revenues. The current generation of children will be better off when they are adults. The Education Policy Institute has published its 2019 Annual Report on the state of education in England - including the progress made in closing the gap in attainment between disadvantaged pupils and their peers.. This Geographical Analysis Pack considers how the disadvantage gap varies across the country. It also includes the latest data on pupil attainment, and the size of the gap for the. Closing the Digital Learning Gap Should be a Top Priority. If we work to close the Digital Learning Gap, technology will promote equity of opportunity regardless of location, disability, or age—and, if used in powerful ways, it will support learning how to learn for life summarises evidence about what educators can do to close the educational attainment gap associated with poverty; explains why better research, evaluation and attainment evidence is needed; lists who needs to do what, at every level of policy and practice, to help children who live in poverty do well at school. Summary Summary. Key points. The gap between children from low-income and high. Russell Hobby, CEO of Teach First, a charity which aims to address educational disadvantage, said: It's devastating to see that progress in closing the attainment gap over the last decade is.

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Education is an important foundation for the rest of our lives and by limiting the opportunities in early life, the playing field will never be truly even in higher education, the workplace, or our communities as a whole. Wider career opportunities. As we've seen in recent years, remote work is a crucial part of a competitive economy. Giving professionals the opportunity to work remotely. A short-term, targeted intervention designed to accelerate progress in reading and writing and close the literacy gap. Based on high quality pedagogy, specially trained Learning Assistants deliver one-to-one coaching sessions, four times a week, for a period of eight weeks. This uses a book-based approach, with opportunities to read and write in every lesson Education, support, and resources are the key to closing the gap on a macro level. Our Lean In group is the local embodiment that will keep our members accountable to closing the gender gap in their own lives

Closing the Achievement Gap. Professional Development for Teachers. Teachers play a vital role in closing the student achievement gap. By learning new strategies in how they approach instructing students, lesson planning, assessing students and providing feedback, teachers can help at-risk students who are falling short of achievement standards Six Closing the Gap targets were introduced, contained within an overarching Commonwealth and state and territory agreement called the National Indigenous Reform Agreement. A school attendance target was added in 2014 and an expanded early childhood target was added in 2015 following the expiry of the remote early childhood education target in 2013 (unmet)

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can do to close the education attainment gap associated with poverty in Scotland. It looks at attempts that have been made to tackle the issue and considers the evidence for which ones have proved successful. It makes recommendations for educators and policy-makers about what is likely to work. It is the first systematic review of how education policies, frameworks and interventions can be. Our Strategy for Closing the Gap in Educational Progress and Attainment in Schools and Settings 2015-2018 North Yorkshire County Council 7 5. There is a growing consensus about strategies that can make a sustained difference. Annex D summarises some of the most recent evidence about what works. Some of the key points that we have noted, in drawing up this strategy for North Yorkshire. Closing the Attainment Gap. Report examining the gap - including 15 key lessons informing our practical work with teachers and senior leaders. Early Years Toolkit. An accessible summary of educational research for early years teachin

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EdWeek features a story that is a typical crisis report on education in the U.S. that has been repeated for decades, although the current crisis has expanded beyond African American students to include Hispanic students: Study Finds Gaps Remain Large for Hispanic Students: While growing numbers of Hispanic students have changed the face of American education over the past two decades, the. CLOSING THE ACHIEVEMENT GAP IN ENGLAND'S SECONDARY SCHOOLS Save the Children believes children's backgrounds should not limit the opportunities they have in life. In particular, we believe there is a need to improve the prospects of children growing up in deprived circumstances so that they can realise their potential at school. As things stand, children from poor homes do worse. The new closing the gap targets are ambitious, especially in the area of early childhood education. But this doesn't mean they can't be met, with the right approach Closing the Achievement Gap Means Transformation This manuscript has been peer-reviewed, accepted, and endorsed by the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration (NCPEA) as a significant contribution to the scholarship and practice of school administration and K-12 education. Chris Colgren Neil E. Sappington, Chair Illinois State University NCPEA Editorial Advisor: Dr. George.

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  1. 15 Ways To Close the Gender Gap In Higher Education. A well-educated population is a key to the long term prosperity of a country. Higher education, in particular, has a direct impact on the social and economic development of a country. Through the fostering of academic research, knowledge, and high-level skills, we are better equipped to answer global issues, increase the quality of life for.
  2. A public education system should not create a wider bottom and more narrow top. Some of us can sometimes think that these things aren't that close to home, but they are if we broaden our view, because a leaky faucet in our kitchen, broken radiator in our hallway, those parts of the house that we always say we're going to get to next week, they're devaluing our whole property
  3. approximately 16% of the Scottish education estate. While we recognise that there are a number of complex issues which can affect children and young people's educational outcomes, we are particularly pleased that the Scottish Government has focussed on the poverty related attainment gap, as we know that those living in poverty often face the greatest challenge reaching their full potential.

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  1. Achievement gaps are strongly correlated with racial gaps in income, poverty rates, unemployment rates, and educational attainment. When these four factors are combined into a single index of racial socioeconomic disparities, the correlation between state achievement gaps and state racial socioeconomic disparities is high: for white-black gaps the correlation is 0.61-0.68; for white-Hispanic.
  2. 'Closing the Gap' refers to reducing the gap in inequalities that exist between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Under the National Indigenous Reform Agreement the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) committed to achieving six targets for closing the gap in health, education and employment outcomes
  3. Gender gaps are pervasive in all walks of economic life and imply large losses in terms of foregone productivity and living standards to the individuals concerned and the economy. This new OECD report focuses on how best to close these gender gaps under four broad headings: 1) Gender equality, social norms and public policies; and gender equality in 2) education; 3) employment and 4.
  4. Closing The Gap Report 2020. You are here. Home » Closing the Gap 2020. Early Childhood Education. Target 95 per cent of all Indigenous four year-olds enrolled in early childhood education (by 2025) Key points. In 2018, 86.4 per cent of Indigenous four year‑olds were enrolled in early childhood education compared with 91.3 per cent of non‑Indigenous children. Between 2016 and 2018, the.
  5. The new National Agreement on Closing the Gap was announced on 30 July 2020.. Significantly, this is the first National Agreement to be developed in genuine equal partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, through their representatives on the national Coalition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peak Organisations (Coalition of Peaks)
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Close the gap in early childhood education attendance: on track However, in December 2018 COAG partnered with Indigenous Australians to finalise the Closing the Gap refresh in which the new framework targets were set in the priority areas of: health, education, employment, families, children and youth, health, economic development, housing, justice and land and waters TION IN CLOSING THE SKILLS GAP IN SOUTH AFRICA1 Authors Glen Fisher, Consultant Ian Scott, University of Cape Town The paper is part of a series of background papers which seeks to identify and analyze key constraints in higher education, skills development, and technology absorption in accelerating labor absorption and shared growth in South Africa. The background papers form part of the. How schools plan to close the pandemic education gap. Many students fell behind as a result of remote learning. Now, educators are trying to figure out how to catch them up. Back before the days.

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While closing the achievement gap is a monumental task and requires systemic changes in school funding policy and government, you can take small steps to close the gap in your classroom or community. You can educate yourself on cultural and socioeconomic issues facing the students in your classroom, volunteer your time for educational causes or work to change education policy, and engage with. The education gap between men and women has closed, or has even reversed in many countries. Have countries also made progress in closing other gaps facing women? Using micro-level Census data for close to 40 countries, we examine several dimensions of gender disparity: we compare men and women's labor force participation (the labor force participation gap), married and single women's labor. Adapt these tried-and-tested methods to begin closing the achievement gap: 1. Set benchmarks and track progress. Data is a gift. Let's use it. By tracking our students' progress (by reading level, math proficiency, or behavior), we can set reasonable but challenging goals for how our students can advance Many schools are looking to close the disadvantage gap in their communities, but they need more evidence about what actually works, say researchers Megan Sim and Julie Belanger Children are affected by socio-economic disadvantage from an early age. We see differences between disadvantaged children and their peers not only in early educational outcomes such as readin To close the skills gap, start with the learning gap. The following essay comes from Meaningful education in times of uncertainty, a collection of essays from the Center for Universal Education. Closing the Equity Gap in Educational Attainment for Latinos Graduation rates increased equally for White and Latino students over 10 years; therefore, the gap in educational attainment remained the same. From 2005 to 2014, graduation rates - degree completion of 1st time, full-time students within 150% of time from enrollment - improved 2% for both White and Latino students. In 2015, 54%.

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