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  1. Today I got fatFIREed. I walked into my boss's office today and got shown the door. It was surreal. There is major change happening at megacorp, and I had the opportunity to negotiate my surrender. Over the course of the past 6 months, I had a unique set of circumstances that led to a conversation where I got to give input on the decision
  2. d not having as many expensive things. In fact, it has been strangely freeing. I ditched my AMG roadster last month and haven't.
  3. Finally, this may not be a good overall representation of higher income earners because reddit definitely skews engineering-heavy. u/princepieman has a great list of tech companies ranked by tier. Tiers 1-2 should be solidly fatFIRE. What is takes to get in: Lots of paths to Big Tech but a high-probability path might be: CS major at a target (school prestige is much less important than in.
  4. I'm 2 years away from fatFIRE with my spouse following closely behind in the next few years. I am about to have mid year development conversations with my boss, but I don't have any aspirations to aggressively go after the next role and would like to coast through the next few years in a job that I am good at
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  6. We recently purchased our probable retirement home (late 30s with young children, so some depends on their eventual trajectory) and it made me realize how much I've learned about moving in silence since we hit our FatFIRE number. In this example, I mean our primary residence is in our actual names; others can see what it was listed for in the cached listing; it's evident exactly when it.

Suddenly FatFIRE. Need Advice. Hey folks, I was on track for regular FIRE, but due to incredible stock performance in the ISO's I own from my employer, I am suddenly FatFIRE territory (although it isn't in cash yet, the company and stock will be stable, perhaps growing, for quite some time). What things should I know? What do you wish you learned prior to becoming FatFIRE? How can I prepare. Reddit Personal Finance is the most comprehensive place for top-notch personal finance advice on the internet.. In this guide, I'll show you why Reddit personal finance is the best and give you a tour of the most popular posts and topics.. I'll close out with recommended readings, the 30-day money challenge, and what you should AVOID on Reddit personal financ One of the reasons pursuit of fatfire is hard is that you can spend a lot of money on cool stuff now instead of saving for the future. Readers of this sub are pretty much sold on fire but our spouses are not necessarily on the same wavelength. Some of our spouses are perhaps more on the consume now save later wavelength, which makes realistic fatfire pursuit very difficult. I've looked into.

Following are comm e nts by others, most definitely not by me, on the FatFIRE thread on Reddit based upon a post a year ago. They provide good insights into the mindset of those seeking not only financial independence at an early age but with plenty of funds to go around. How fat is FatFIRE? It's very interesting to me that someone posted I totally agree that a 401k is not enough. Is Fatty Fatty FatFIRE Possible? For once I find the perfect image for the topic bawahahaha. #bloggerproblems. Not without us feeling very guilty at first I'll tell you that much. After a lifetime of frugal habits, I am sort of doubting we would surpass a personal spending of $40,000/year. That means we can just live on my income (at my current income now) and maintain that standard since I.

I'm a big fan of Ray Dalio's book Principles. I'm curious if you have any principles that you've uncovered and honed over time. What are your core Fat FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) is being able to live it up in retirement without having to sacrifice your spending. If you are Fat FIRE, you can easily survive without a job because your investment income more than covers your best life's living expenses. I've been writing about Fat FIRE since I started Financial Samurai in 2009 Relevance to FatFIRE: soliciting people's funny experiences with stealth wealth. Might come across as self congratulatory, sorry. Might come across as self congratulatory, sorry. I used to love nice German cars, nice restaurants, travel, but since COVID a lot of that has gotten reset and I realized I didn't mind not having as many expensive things

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